A Hike to Grassi Lakes

I swear, every time I think I’ve seen all Canada has to offer, we discover a new route to hike and our minds end up exploding.

Grassi Lakes is one of those places that will take away your breath and make you want to stay forever. The best part? We’d never even have known it existed if our plans hadn’t been foiled.

You see, we set out one Sunday morning with the goal to revisit Johnston Canyon. We checked the weather half-hourly, and were pretty sure we were going to have an awesome, cloudy-but-warm outing.

Of course, there was an accident on the highway that detained us for almost two hours, so by the time we were literally 5 minutes away from Johnston Canyon, the cloudy-but-warm had changed into heavily overcast skies and pouring rain. So, we drove by and went to lunch in Canmore.

Here, one of the waitresses thought we were tourists (well, despite living here, we kind of are tourists) and recommended we check out Grassi Lakes. As the rain had stopped during our meal, we figured why not? We’d come all that way anyway, and Grassi Lakes was under 5km from the restaurant.

We could tell it was a popular hike by the cars filling the parking spaces. Still, we wanted just a short hike and the waitress had said it wouldn’t be a long way up.

So, a’ hiking we went. The path split into two routes at the bottom, the easy way and the difficult way. Since we wanted just a short hike–it was getting late and the drive home was still a way to go–we picked the easy route.

But meh, the easy route wasn’t a pretty one. It’s just a broad uphill path, filled with red-faced and puffing people. (Apparently, the difficult route is the way to go up, as it’s more scenic, and the easy way is the way to go down. We didn’t know this at the time.)

The payoff at the top, however, made everything worth it. Holy crap, is this place gorgeous!

Have a look.

I seriously want to live in the mountains. I can’t get over the beauty and the fresh air and just everything.

While walking up this path, I also managed to figure out one of the plotlines of A Trial of Sparks & Kindling. I’m so excited to share this sequel with you!

Thanks for stopping by.


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A Trial of Sparks & Kindling


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