Johnston Canyon Revisited

The last time we went to this magical place, the ice was thick and we had no spikes on our shoes. We’re noobs. How are we supposed to know you need spike strips when visiting Canadian parks in the winter. 😛

We’ve wanted to go back since that first time–heck, we’ve even tried–but somehow, something always stopped us.

Not this time.

We set out early and arrived without a hitch. Sure, the skies were grey and gloomy, but who cares? More than half of my photos came out blurred in the low light, so we’ll have to go back and retake our family pics in front of the falls, but who cares? 😛

We hiked to the upper falls this time. Next time, we’ll go all the way up to the ink pots. Maybe. It depends on how distracted we get by the scenery on the way.

Holy crap, it’s beautiful there. And yes, I’ve said the same thing about every park we’ve visited in Alberta, but have you seen the mountains? Another thing I’ve said a million times and will say again–I wish I could live in the mountains. Throw in some waterfalls and hard-to-reach spots, and you have a perfect writer’s retreat, far away from pesky human contact. 😀

Have a look for yourself.

Jan had to drag me away from the keyboard to make this trip. I’m so thankful he did, even if this happened the weekend before I finished the first draft of A Trial of Sparks & Kindling! Looking back, I realise that this little trip probably saved me from ripping out chunks of my hair. Not a good idea with the impending winter. 🙂

Thank you for stopping by.



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