Johnston Canyon

Since Canada is gorgeous and we have serious wanderlust, we headed out to the Rockies again. As if we could be kept away.

This time, our destination was Johnston Canyon and the mission was to see the frozen falls.

We miscalculated a little. Who’d have thought the pathways would still be slick with ice now that it’s supposed to be spring? Obviously not us. And since we don’t yet own spikes for our shoes, we couldn’t complete the walk to the Ink Pots. Meh.

Still, we made it a good way in, and saw some pretty amazing sights.

We headed to Banff for lunch, and ended up at Earls–a place about which we’ve heard only good things. The food was really good, so if you ever find yourself in the area, consider this place recommended (nobody paid me to say this 😊).

Fat, dark clouds hung low over the mountains all day. By the time we were on route for home, these clouds looked pretty threatening. I can’t wait to paint some of the snaps I took, though I don’t reckon art will do the experience justice.

Holy crap, it was gorgeous.

We even had some rain, snow, and both all at once on the way back.

Have a look, there are loads of photos today.

As always, I can’t wait to go back. I just can’t get over the beauty of this place.



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