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  • The Truth About Weather
    Immigration changes you in many ways. Big ways, definitely. If you’re interested, I’ve chatted about our experiences, wins, and struggles as immigrants in past posts (find them here). But there are also the small ways. For example, I now have this weird not-Canadian, not-South African accent going. 😅 I think it might be because of […]
  • Review – Tooli-Art Acrylic Paint Pens
    It’s been a hot minute since I last did an art supply review, so I figured my new paint pens would be the perfect transition back into this kind of post. Before we officially begin, I’d just like to say this isn’t a sponsored post. All products mentioned below were purchased by me or my […]
  • A Writing Update
    So, I mean, we all know there was supposed to be another book by now. The crickets that used to hang around A Curse of Venom & Scales have either died or moved along to chirp in some other tardy writer’s office. 😅 And I’m lucky to have a really supportive group of readers, who […]

Fall of the Mantle

Step into Ehrdia, a world of steam-driven technology, political strife, and ongoing war.

Featured on 75 New and Upcoming Sci-Fi and Fantasy from African Authors!

Now on Etsy

Being stuck inside during lockdown inspired me to create sticker sets that people could print at home, whenever they needed them.

The beauty of printing your own stickers is that you can resize the page to get the exact size of designs that you require for your bujo, scrapbook, or other projects. Plus, these work fine with regular paper and glue sticks if there’s no sticker paper handy, and can also be printed on card stock or photo paper for other creative uses. Finally, one torn sticker doesn’t mean a total loss, as these can be reprinted infinitely as required. I also include all the designs in png files for digital projects!

The set pictured here is my minimalist nature-inspired designs in a gold, pink, and blue colour story. Perfect for lovers of boho or cottagecore art.

Don’t like online shopping? No worries, I’ve got you covered.

Join my Patreon community to receive printable rewards each month, including some of the items in my Etsy store!

For only $4 Canadian per month, you’ll get:

  • Exclusive blog posts (at least 2 per month). May include: process videos, behind the scenes content, rejected art, personal updates, and more!
  • Bookish BTS (at least one per month). Short stories, discarded chapters, or blog posts offering insight into my characters, world, or writing process.
  • An original, ready to print inspirational badge each month (1000×1000 px).
  • Monthly printables. Spruce up your bullet journal or scrapbooks with original, ready-to-print design sets (typically sticker sheets, but historically also calendars, meal plans, etc). A set includes at least two ready-to-print pages, and each individual design in png format (500×500 px).
  • Bonus, I leave the archives open, so you get to access all the past content, AND as I update design sets, you’ll get the new version!
  • Finally, expect the odd freebie (including colouring pages, bookmark sets, printable artworks, extra printable pages, and more). I love showing my appreciation by offering gifts to my Patreon family.