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  • Let’s Make – Resin Leaf Charms
    My husband is an avid woodworker. He’s always either working on a project or watching woodworking videos on YouTube. This, of course, means I’m also watching, if only from the corner of my eye. And now I find myself obsessed with wood-and-resin furniture. Thanks, Black Forest Wood Co. 😂 I can’t be trusted around power […]
  • Inexpensive Market Displays
    Many of us picked up new hobbies during the pandemic, and our homes are chock-full of the cool stuff we’ve been making. So, it’s no surprise that home-based businesses are everywhere, and the call to support small is trending. My social feeds are buzzing with inspirational stories, tips, and ideas for creators who want to […]
  • My First Experience with a Silicone Clay Mould
    I’ve had a few of these on my wish list for quite some time, so I’m stoked to have received a silicone mould (mold in the US) as a part of my birthday haul. On that note, my husband had the really awesome idea to bring me to Michaels and let me pick out all […]

Fall of the Mantle

Step into Ehrdia, a world of steam-driven technology, political strife, and ongoing war.

Featured on 75 New and Upcoming Sci-Fi and Fantasy from African Authors!

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