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  • First Impressions: Mont Marte Metallic Acrylic Colour
    Basically all of my recent paintings feature at least one metallic element. I’m in love with these little pops of brightness in my work and I was curious to see how colours other than gold, silver, and copper would look. But I didn’t want to buy a full-sized tube of each colour before I know […]
  • Resources for New Crocheters
    Or, as we’re cordially known as on social media, hookers. 🤭 Grandma would be so proud. Anyway, if you’re new to the world of crochet, you might find yourself so overwhelmed with the sheer volume of tutorials out there that you’re too afraid to start learning how to make stuff. I know I scrolled past […]
  • How I Name Them (Part 2-Characters)
    Hello again! Welcome to part 2 of this naming convention series. If you’d like to read about how I chose place names, check out part 1 here. Let’s dive straight in, shall we? My first and most important criterion for a character name is pronounceability. It has to be easy to say, regardless of the […]

Fall of the Mantle

Step into Ehrdia, a world of steam-driven technology, political strife, and ongoing war.

Featured on 75 New and Upcoming Sci-Fi and Fantasy from African Authors!

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