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  • Inexpensive Market Displays

    Inexpensive Market Displays

    Many of us picked up new hobbies during the pandemic, and our homes are chock-full of the cool stuff we’ve been making. So, it’s no surprise that home-based businesses are everywhere, and the call to support small is trending. My social feeds are buzzing with inspirational stories, tips, and ideas for creators who want to…

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  • Amazing Fun in Oberhausen

    Amazing Fun in Oberhausen

  • Playground Fun and Christmas Markets

    Playground Fun and Christmas Markets

  • NaNoWriMo – An Update

  • Three Months – The German Chronicles

    Three Months – The German Chronicles

  • Sightseeing in Gruga Park (TGC)

    Sightseeing in Gruga Park (TGC)

  • TGC – Why we Decided to Immigrate

    TGC – Why we Decided to Immigrate

  • NaNoWriMo

  • What’s Different? (TGC)

    What’s Different? (TGC)

  • My First Week in Germany! (TGC)

    My First Week in Germany! (TGC)

  • Here we go… (TGC)

    Here we go… (TGC)

  • Update Version 2.0 (The German Chronicles)

    Update Version 2.0 (The German Chronicles)

  • The German Chronicles – an Update

    The German Chronicles – an Update

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