Vacation Day-by-Day : Aachen

Aachen is a beautiful town in Germany on the border with Belgium. It’s one of those typical European places, with the most beautiful building style and cobbled streets. The Aachener Dom is a picturesque cathedral, though not nearly as magnificent as the Cologne Cathedral. It’s still pretty though. It was being renovated on our visit, so we hope to go back one day when the renovations are complete.

Aachen is famous for the printen biscuits. It’s a type of soft Lebkuchen (gingerbread), sweetened with honey or syrup and often covered in chocolate or marzipan. Some varieties are decorated with various fruits and nuts. This stuff? Amazing. Like seriously, amazing. I’m not a gingerbread fan overall, except where my mother in law’s gingerbread cookies are concerned, and then I only want them on a good day. But the printen biscuits are seriously yummy. We got ours from the prettiest bakery you’ll every lay your eyes on, the Nobis Bakery near the cathedral.

To round off our visit in Aachen, we made a stop at the Lindt factory.



So, basically what goes on there is this; Lindt chocolate at low prices. Yup. Chocolate on every shelf, beautifully packaged and in flavours I’ve only dreamed of. And that at bargain prices.

We went bonkers in that place. BONKERS! We bought armloads of chocolate, much more than we have ever bought at any one time before. Obviously, only for gifts for our friends and family in South Africa. Not for our own consumption. Really. I promise! *crickets chirp*


Here are the photos.

I’ll definitely go back to Aachen one day. No, not for the Lindt chocolate! Well, not only for that.

Just a heads up that this might be the last post here for a while. I just got my editor’s feedback on my new novel, so I’m going to keep my head down and get this thing edited soon. I’ll pop in now and again, but I should probably tell you right now that the change thing is still looming. I’ll do a detailed post on that, but just be forewarned.

Have a good one!



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