Sightseeing in Gruga Park (TGC)

So, last weekend, my Weekend In Pictures post got away from me. Sorry about that.

I mentioned last week that some stuff exploded in my face and the greater part of the week was spent fixing that. As a result, I was revising my novel, trying to get it as ready as I can before it goes into another round of editing.

It’s a well known fact by this time that writer-Yolandie is a crazy. I’m too obsessive to let go, so when stories start spinning in my mind, I do nothing else but write in every spare moment I have. I get so entangled in these writing projects that I live them; I can’t sleep or focus on anything that isn’t involved in what I’m writing. Honestly, if it weren’t for Kayla, I wouldn’t eat or sleep at all. She keeps me sane, because she demands that I step away from the keyboard and spend time with her. That helps. I don’t have a clue how the hubs puts up with me. (Thanks, Jan. You’re solid and I love you.)

Anyway. So the WIP post I missed, was the one where we went to Gruga Park in Essen. It’s a stunningly beautiful and friggen enormous park in Essen, and we didn’t even see a quarter of it. When my folks come to visit in December, we’ll be sure to go there again and see what else we discover. I can imagine sitting under a tree and drawing, reading or having a picnic there easily. With massive strips of green grass, or small and secluded themed gardens, ponds and waterfalls, cafés and hiking routes, there’s more than enough to do in Gruga park. Here are some of our pics.

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The last two are of the Gruga underground station. It was deserted, so Jan saw the opportunity to take a few pics.

Hope you enjoyed this post.


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