Look At My Babies

Look At My Babies

As one does, I had a photoshoot with my books sometime last year. I was just so excited about the paperback of A Trial of Sparks & Kindling that I couldn’t not take photos of the two books together, but then the self-doubt set in, which is why I haven’t shared the photos. Until now.

I’m really proud of these books, you know? I worked my butt off to write them, and I’m still trying to figure out all the complicated stuff indie authors have to figure out. *Marketing, I’m looking at you.* I’ve talked about how I struggle when it comes to promoting my work–both writing and art. I don’t want to spam people with what I make, but I also want to actually sell a book every now and then. The struggling artist look is so last century, am I right? So, I tend to market strong for a little while, then fade into the shadows again. Finding a balance defeats me, but I’ll get there eventually.

So, in the spirit of trying, have a look at my stunning babies.

In a nutshell? Gaslamp fantasy with medical and political elements. Also, plague fiction, but I was writing that Before it was Cool, TM. 😎

A Study of Ash & Smoke kicks off the series with Cara, a princess parading as a male physician’s apprentice, who is hiding for her life from her murderous father. Of course, her existence is discovered and multiple factions vie to win her over, but she has no idea who to trust. Then, as if everything isn’t complicated enough, a plague breaks out in the kingdom, which is covered by an impenetrable forcefield. Fun.

A Trial of Sparks & Kindling picks up moments after the final events of ASOAAS, then neatly twists everything you thought you knew. Who can be trusted in a kingdom built on lies?

I’m so happy to announce the paperbacks are on sale almost everywhere in the world, even on Takealot for my South African friends and family!

Once again, I want to ask everyone who’s read the books to consider leaving a review. Reviews go so far to help readers find authors they might like (and also really does a number on the struggling artist look I mentioned above).

Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me.

Have a good one, folks.


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