Down the Rabbit Hole, We Go

As a writer, I have to know about writing, tropes, self-editing, working with professional editors, and that kind of thing. The obvious stuff. What they don’t tell you when you enter this rabbit hole, is you also have to know about cover trends, blurbs, sensitivity readers, trigger warnings, marketing, and how to unravel the algorithms of the websites where you want to advertise and/or sell your book.

The entire interwebs offers advice on these topics, but instead of helping, the knowledge often leaves me feeling so overwhelmed I can’t even. But I’ve been trying, you know?

In my mini-absence from blogging and social media, I’ve been learning about marketing. This means I’m also trying to regain the knowledge of graphic design that has gone sorely neglected in the past ten or so years. It’s been a hot minute, and my brain is so full of writing stuff that the graphic design stuff I used to know has gone missing. Yay age.

Anyway. The design goes hand in hand with marketing. If you don’t have a good image accompanying the advert, you’re not going to get very far.

This is one of the images I came up with.

I’ve made one of these for each of the viewpoint characters, and a few others more general in nature. The plan is to share them over on my Facebook page in the next while, so do be a dear and give my page a like if you want to see the stuff I have planned over there.

Thanks for popping in.



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