An Update

Friends, it’s been a hot minute. My mental state has been especially low, and I’ve just not had the capacity to put myself anywhere online. Both my Instagram accounts have been abandoned, my Facebook page gathered cobwebs, and though I’ve made a lot of little tweaks to the website, I’ve basically ghosted the blog.

But I’m getting there. My anxiety has been steadily lowering, and with the onset of summer vacation, I’ve been feeling a little more myself than I had in months. Baby steps, right?

So, since I last blogged, A Trial of Sparks & Kindling became available for pre-order. Yay! Also, it got its first review over on Goodreads, and I’m just over the moon because of the amazing words from the reviewer.

Meanwhile, A Study of Ash & Smoke is now officially available on Kindle Unlimited. So, for a time, you can read it exclusively on Amazon. I don’t know if this will be the case forever, I’m currently just experimenting with where the book is available for retail. Of course, this exclusivity only applies to the ebook. The softcover is still available everywhere online.

I’m currently sitting at just under 40k words on A Curse of Venom & Scales. I mean, I’m sitting at 40k again. This is officially the fifth draft of the book, and I’ve discarded 269k words in the process of reaching this point. It’s been weird. I’ve never struggled quite this much, but okay, I’ve never written a book during the madness that has been 2020 either.

At this moment in time, I’m just thankful to be writing at all. I’m thankful that my anxiety levels have been manageable, that my general outlook on life has been more positive, and that every day is a bit better.


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A Study of Ash & Smoke
A Trial of Sparks & Kindling


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