I’ve Been Busy

Friends, I think a great many of us vote to have 2020 struck from the record. It’s only June, and most of us feel aged by ten years, never mind six months.

It’s been strange in my house, too. To summarise, my mental state hasn’t been what it should be, and I’ve been beyond tired. I haven’t even been able to write, which is incredibly distressing if you’re me. For weeks, art-making was impossible as well, so I had no outlets. Hence the social media absence. The past has taught me that taking a break from the online community can be great for my wellbeing. This time was no different. I’m not fully back yet, though I will try to add the blog to my allowed online time.

Anyway. Out of the blue, I had inspiration to draw. I wasn’t about to wait around and find out why, I just drew. And drew. And drew. And I have to tell you, I’m SUPER excited about the end results.

If you know me, you know about my obsession with stained glass. I bought an asset pack of stained glass textures for Photoshop a while back, and figured this was the prefect time to use them. So, I drew 6 of the characters from my novels and stained glass-ified them.

Some of the elements in the artworks were inspired by my favourite real-life stained glass pieces. The pixelated blocks around Lance’s border, for example, are based on a stained glass window in Cologne cathedral.

Anyway, here are zoomed in versions of the final artworks.

All of these are available as prints in my swanky new Society6 store. Everything from mugs to canvas prints and tote bags. The plan is to add to the store as time goes by, so do pop in regularly to see what’s been added. Also, if you have favourite characters you want me to draw, please let me know and I’ll get on it. The same goes for the kinds of prints you want. If you’re looking for a Fall of the Mantle shirt or backpack, those are possibilities.

I’m also planning to print a batch of bookmarks in the near future. Since so few stores offer bookmarks as prints online, I’ll put an order form on the blog and include worldwide shipping in the price per bookmark. When this happens, I’ll let you know.

Stay safe, folks.



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