Why Does Fandom Forget Ron Weasley?

These are the kinds of questions flitting about in my brain when I’m awake at 3am. Riveting stuff, am I right?

Do note that this post contains major spoilers, and is basically one long opinionated ranty rant.

Anyway. The backstory.

I don’t really read a lot of fanfiction, except if it concerns Dragon Age. And then I only go onto AO3 if I have time to lose. To me, the fanfic sites and Tumblr are like black holes. They suck me in and don’t let go, and in my world, popping on quickly isn’t a thing.

So, I’ve never read Harry Potter fanfic. I had no idea about Drarry or Dramoine, or how obsessed the fandom was with the marauders, or how many people out there loathe James Potter. I learned these things recently, when I reread HP, rewatched the movies, and posted about rereading and rewatching all over social media.

And Instagram knows.

Suddenly, my feed is full of HP fan stuff. Art, ramblings, photomanips of the various ships and incorrect quotes. Some of them are downright hilarious, and others are just plain weird, but apparently, this is what the fans want.

Which brings us to this post. The one thing I’ve noticed among the shipping and the worshipping and the bashing is the absolute lack of Ron Weasley. The only place he really seems to have a small roll, is when the Dramoine shippers have Draco kill Ron by hitting him with a car, or whatever.

People adore Snape and Draco, loathe James Potter (as mentioned above somewhere) and have really strong opinions about basically every other character, but Ron just kind of fades away. And I honest to goodness don’t get why.

Snape, friends, may be the antihero of this story. He ultimately did sacrifice himself and all that, and that’s just peachy. Alan Rickman was a legend, and I adore him in this role. But Snape is still a son of a gun who tortured kids for YEARS without any good reason. So, fine, Harry looks just like his dad and that makes him the enemy, and maybe Ron and Hermione were picked on because of their association with Harry, but what about the other kids? What about poor Neville (nobody touches my Neville 🤣)? Just because Snape hated one man and loved his wife, didn’t give him an excuse to pick on his students forever. But fandom loves this dude.

And Draco? Throughout all seven books, he has about the same amount of character development as a goldfish in the first fifteen minutes of its life. He’s coerced into becoming a Death Eater to keep his parents alive and stays in that position because of fear.

But fandom claims he redeems himself. How, exactly? He’s horrible to everyone, jealous of Harry (which is a great excuse to pick on him and his friends, apparently) treats Hermione like SHIT because of her blood, and is just a general pain in the arse wherever he goes. And when he can’t get what he wants, he uses Daddy’s money to get it. Hello, quidditch team much? Besides all that, in DH, when Harry and co are caught, Draco doesn’t try to help them. When Hermione is tortured by his aunt, Draco doesn’t even peep (while, if memory serves me right, Ron was screaming and fighting to get to her).

How can we ship Hermione with this essentially spineless character, who hates mudbloods? Do we not think she’s smarter than that? That she has more self-worth than to go out with this guy?

Meanwhile, there’s Ron. The youngest son of a family in which all his older brothers and his little sister excel at whatever they attempt. Everything this kid gets is way beyond secondhand, and he basically operates out of the shadow of his brothers. Worse still, his best friend is a celebrity, so even there he’s cast in shadow.

Ron is pretty mediocre. A total underdog. He has to work hard for everything he achieves, and like Draco, struggles with things like jealousy and inadequacy throughout the series. And you know what? He grows. As in, a lot.

Ron made a lot of mistakes, but he consistently learned from them. And even when he wasn’t in total support of whatever his friends were getting up to, he helped them. He didn’t like Hagrid’s class, but was still always available when the creatures needed wrangling. And though he gave Hermione a hard time about her house elf campaign, he ended up treating Dobby (and eventually Kreacher) with respect.

Then, when he turned his back on Harry and Hermione, he immediately realised his mistake and tried to go back, but he couldn’t find them. And he made up for that in a big way by saving Harry, and hauling Gryffindor’s sword along to destroy the locket.

I personally believe the locket affected Ron more than it did the other two, which was why it corrupted him more easily. Why is it okay for Harry to be more affected by the Dementors, but everyone hates on Ron for being affected by the locket in the same way?

I was really sad that the whole Weasley is our King story arc got cut from the movies just because Harry wasn’t playing quidditch that year. He worked off his butt to keep his position on the team, and the effort he put in really paid off. This is, IMO, one of the most important illustrations of how much Ron develops throughout the series.

Even with Hermione. He proved himself again and again, until even she thought he was brilliant. Do I ship them long term? Not necessarily. I’m honestly not a fan of how the series ended, and would’ve been just fine if that last scene on platform 9 3/4 was left out. Heck, if it had been written as the opening for a new Potterverse series now that the original fans all have Hogwarts aged kids, I’d have thrown my money at JKR. But that’s beside the point.

Ron is a good guy, you know? He learns. He works hard to achieve what he achieves, and fights even harder for what he believes in. So why doesn’t he get the respect he deserves?

I don’t know. It makes no sense to me at all. Share your thoughts in the comments!

I have a book to write.


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