Growing Out a Pixie Cut & Other Random Tales

Hey, I’m growing out my pixie. My hair is now at that awful stage where it’s really thick in the back and not yet long enough to make a ponytail–which, by the way, it the only reason I’m growing it out.

I love the pixie cut, make no mistake, but short hair is a lot of work first thing in the morning. If I had to choose between using the flat iron every day and five extra minutes in bed, sleep wins out every time. What I miss is dry shampooing my roots and pulling the rest back into a ponytail. Short hair has to be washed all the time, and I feel like dry shampoo doesn’t look the same, you know?

Just me?

Well then. 🙂

Today, my calendar says ‘back to school’. Yeah, that’s not happening. But thankfully, our province has made allowances for online school, so it is back to school, in a faraway sense of the word.

Meanwhile, I’m low key obsessed with An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson. I cannot stop thinking about these characters. I never get so attached to characters in standalone novels, you know? We don’t spend much time together. But Isobel, Rook, and Gadfly have been on my mind nearly nonstop since I finished this novel. Please, Ms Rogerson, please give us more? What a book. Review incoming soon.

My mandatory isolation writing update goes like this. Self-doubt, major uncertainty, rethinking everything. Yay. #writerslife. Thank goodness my amazing alpha reader and cousin, Tanja, gave me a pep talk, otherwise I might’ve canned all 60k words. Yes, you read that right. Book 3 is sitting at over 60 thousand words, and has 26 complete chapters.

I’m shaking in my socks a bit, because A Study of Ash & Smoke has 125k words, A Trial of Sparks & Kindling is at 142k, and I reckon ACOVAS will likely end up even lengthier. Oh boy.

Also, BTW, the five of you out there who have ventured a guess about the title, nice work. But I can guarantee it’s not A Court of V&S, so keep guessing. 😛

Okay then. I have a book to write.



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A Study of Ash & Smoke
A Trial of Sparks & Kindling


2 responses to “Growing Out a Pixie Cut & Other Random Tales”

  1. oh man I am also in the awful growing out stage…SOLIDARITY.

    Will go check out that book, An Enchantment of Ravens – sounds like it could be just the fluff I’m looking for.


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