November Life Update

The last time I wrote a life update, I had a wrist injury. Guess what.

Funny story, but I tend to fall a lot. I’m a pretty clumsy human, which means I spend way too much crashing to my butt or knees. Yay me. So, the other day, I eye this set of stairs, decide it looks too icy, and opt instead to go down a small slope. It was covered in snow, and I figured the snow would offer more traction than the ice on the steps.

I was wrong.

As I type this to you, I have a cracked tailbone and am nursing a wrist recovering from a sprain. You know, on top of the old injury I’ve been trying to heal. Basically, I sit funny and I type funny. 😛

Meanwhile, I received the edits for A Trial of Sparks & Kindling from the ever-fabulous Nerine Dorman on Sunday. I’m floored. I honestly don’t mean this as a brag, I’m just so overwhelmed that I need to share it somewhere. This is without a doubt the cleanest first draft I’ve ever written, and might very well be the cleanest I’ll ever write.

I was expecting major overhauls–I always end up with major overhauls–but somehow, the changes aren’t that intimidating. It’s freaking exciting, I tell you.

Anyway, Nerine said this:

This story is so masterfully written. So many feels. And devastatingly poignant near the end.

I look at these words and still can’t believe they apply to my little story. I mean, HOW? But I’m so incredibly thankful.

Validation means everything, especially from people we so admire.

In other news, my kid turned six last week. I’m still a little shocked over that, but hey, it’s what kids do. They grow. I’m just so blessed to have such a happy little girl in my life. She’s creative and witty, and an incredibly caring, beautiful soul. Love you, Kayla.

We celebrated our one-year anniversary in Calgary the other day. At this stage, Facebook and Instagram are peppering me with memories from when we arrived here. Meanwhile, it’s also been two years since we arrived in Canada and four since we left South Africa.

I look at these timestamps and wonder where the hell the time has gone, while also feeling it’s been so much longer. We’re in that weird limbo stage now, where we don’t really understand the South African memes floating around the interwebs anymore, but we also don’t quite understand all the memes and sayings in Canada either.

Just the other day, I learned what a TSN turning point is (thanks, Amber) and since yesterday was Remembrance Day, we finally found out what that was about.

Immigration is a process. Arriving at New Home isn’t the end of it, there’s so much culture you have to absorb after, and it can take years.

Finally, I’m currently listening to auditions for the A Study of Ash & Smoke audiobook. If you’re a voice artist or budding voice artist, and would maybe like to audition, send me a mail or a comment, and we can talk about it. Ideally, I’m looking for a female voice, preferably with an accent from anywhere in the UK, but I have listened to a few guys and accents from the rest of the world, and am willing to consider anything.

Right. Back to the edit with me.



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