August Life Update

This thing happened with my hand this week and I couldn’t work on my novel as much as I’d have liked, which got me thinking. I haven’t really updated you on the stuff in my life in a long while.

Let’s talk about the hand first, since you’re probably wondering. In December of 2016, I slipped on a patch of ice and hurt my wrist in the fall. I’ve been having problems with the wrist since. It gets better, gets worse, gets better, gets worse. See-saw, see-saw, you get the idea.

Another fun little circle in my life–I have a muscle in my back that keeps spasming due to stress, I keep on stressing, the muscle never gets the chance to heal, it keeps on spasming. This muscle feeds my sore wrist, and everything is miserable.

So, earlier this week, my knuckle randomly starts swelling. I could barely move my fingers, which meant a speedbump in the writing.

I find it so difficult to step away, especially when I’m on a roll and out of my mind with obsessions over the story. I tried to type with one finger as much as I could, and totally resembled The Man with the Yellow Hat from the poison ivy episode in Curious George.

Like the yellow dude, I couldn’t stop.

Don’t worry, I went to see a doctor and he put me on anti-inflammatory medicine, and also sent me to get a sonar on the wrist and x-rays of the back. I have now been x-rayed in three different countries. Yay me.

Meanwhile, I’m awaiting the results.

I feel much better, but I realised once again that it’s important to step back and refill the well from time to time. It won’t help anyone, least of all myself, if I end up worsening a medical issue because I couldn’t stop.

Despite the bump in the way, this sequel is progressing nicely. I’m just over halfway done, and I’m excited about the plot. The good reviews have been a major motivation.

I can also officially announce that I have a short story coming out in the Skolion anthology, Charon’s Song. If you sign up for the Skolion newsletter, you’ll get a free copy of this anthology when it releases on the 28th of August.

Subscribing is the only way to get the anthology, it won’t be available for sale or download on any other platform. The authors: Cat HellisenCristy ZinnIcy SedgwickLaurie JaneMasha du ToitNerine DormanSuzanne van RooyenTallulah LucyToby Bennett, and myself. I’m honoured and in a state of constant fangirl to be included in the same breath as these incredibly talented authors.

Because I’ve been writing like an insane person, I haven’t made any art, haven’t done another cross-stitch, or even read that much in the last month or so.

Having said that, I’m trying to step away for just a while every day. I’m currently reading Fawkes by Nadine Brandes, and so far, so good. This is such a cool take on the story of Guy Fawkes in a London with magic that comes from colour.

Kayla and I are reading How to Train your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. Kayla’s thoroughly enjoying this one, though she’s suffering her first case of ‘the book is different than the movie’. Still, we’re having such a blast with this book. Dragonese is her absolute favourite, and I’ve had to read the few phrases included in dragonese to her multiple times.

We’ve gone hiking a time or two, and I can’t wait to share the photos with you. Canada is so beautiful.

The hiking is important to me for a reason other than the sheer gorgeousness that is Canada. With all the emotions from the last few months, it’s so important to be grounded again. That refilling of the well I mentioned above? Hiking helps me with that.

While struggling uphill and swatting masses of mosquitoes, my mind has a moment so sift through all the stuff. I always feel lighter on the drive home, and I can usually think a bit clearer.

Life in Calgary has been good. Summer has been a bit late in showing itself, but even then, we love it here. I do still miss the faces we left behind in Toronto and can’t wait to visit, but this place is good. Being so close to the mountains really does wonders for the soul.

And that’s honestly all I can think of now. Thanks for reading.


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