Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal

I was supposed to do this tomorrow, but who can wait until tomorrow when today is still here?

I’m out of my mind with excitement, if you couldn’t tell.

The incredible Tallulah from Covers by Tallulah joined forces with Cat Hellisen, a magician of endless talents, to make this lovely work of art.

I wanted something striking, with stained glass elements, but Tallulah took the brief and smashed it so far out of the park it’s gone sonic. I swear I can’t stop smiling, shaking, or staring at it in awe.

And Cat’s added illustrations are bloody perfection.

I’d say more about this, but I’ve gone all soft in the head and can no longer word. What are words anyway?

Thank you so much ladies. This is perfection.


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  1. Wow!Wow!!Wow!!!! It’s incredible! Congratulations, Tallulah. You have outdone yourself. Love it!!

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