What’s Up With Your Writing?

Cross-country move aside, this has been at the top of the FAQ pile in my life lately. So let’s talk about if and what I’ve been writing today.

The Physician’s Apprentice is in the later stages of production. It had initially been scheduled for release somewhere around September, but life happens, and it’s been delayed a little. This delay is my fault in many ways, if we’re being honest. I went through a time of major self-doubt earlier this year, and I was basically on the verge of scrapping the novel completely. Nobody could work on getting the book published if I wasn’t working on getting the book published.

Still, we’re making progress and I’ll keep you updated. I’m incredibly excited about this novel (for once) and can’t wait to share it with you.

Meanwhile, I resumed work on Book Two this week. I have about a chapter so far, but it should start filling out fast now, since I have so much of the storyline already thought out from my plotting period earlier this year.

Otherwise, I’m finally back to blogging. You can expect me twice a week, though many of the coming posts will focus more on the big move than anything else. We’ve been bombarded with questions from friends and family, so I reckon if they’re asking those questions, you might be wondering too. Might as well answer them on the blog. We’ve also done some sightseeing, and I’d love to show off our new hometown here.

If you do have any requests or ideas for blog posts, please feel free to share them with me. 🙂

I have a newsletter, but I haven’t actually sent out anything for a while. I’ll get back on that this week. Be a dear and subscribe, won’t you? I won’t ever spam you, and you’ll only get one email per month, except if something major happens that can’t wait to be shared in a next newsletter. More likely I’ll forget to send anything at all. 😛 I’ll make a note on my calendar so that doesn’t happen again.

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And that’s it for the update. 🙂 Thank you for reading and sticking with me through all of the madness that has been my life in the last three years.



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