My Thoughts – Mark of the Ninja

I’m currently in this phase where I’m rewatching old series, reading books from before I was born and playing or replaying some older games. One of these games was Mark of the Ninja, by Klei. The game came out in 2012, but is still better than some of the new games out there. Yes, I said it. 🙂

The magic of that first playthrough came back with a punch, making this time around just as much fun and as big of a challenge as last time. In fact, after the first playthrough you unlock so many other modes to play, that you can replay the game multiple times and never have the exact same experience.

Essentially, MotN is a side-scrolling, stealth platformer, with some really cool cartoon cutscenes in between. The protagonist is a ninja who has made the ultimate sacrifice for his clan – he’s been marked with tattoos that give him heightened senses but will ultimately claim his life. With his companion, Ora, he sets out to complete a series of missions, but learns some shocking truths along the way.

The story is compelling, but what makes this game stand out is all of the choices the player has. Will you complete the game mercifully and focus your energy on distraction and stealth, or will you go on a killing rampage and leave no blood unspilled? You can even terrorise the guards into killing each other on your behalf! And if that’s not enough, there are various puzzle rooms throughout the game, so if you like a brain teaser, MotN delivers.

Your ninja tools are helpful additions too. You can go with either distraction or attack items, or a combination of both. And believe me, in this game a single noisemaker can be the difference between completing the level or being shot.

This is also one of the few games I’ve ever played on multiple platforms that performs as well on the computer as it does on console. Let’s be honest here, that’s not something every game can boast, but MotN pulls it off. The controls are simple and easy to remember.

It’s no wonder MotN is so acclaimed.

So, six years after the initial release, I can still recommend this game with as much excitement as I could back when it came out. If you enjoy platformers, this is definitely one you should try.

Now go game! Have a good weekend.




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