A December Update

A December Update

It’s been one of those weeks.

My parents arrived from South Africa on Monday, so you can imagine emotions were all over the place at our reunion. We’ve been catching up, exploring and just being together.

Then on Tuesday, Kayla’s school called me to come and fetch her. A stomach bug is running through (punny) their school and she was an unlucky victim. The joys of moving to a new country and starting school for the first time – there’s no immunity to the local germs. Yay.

Kayla finally went back to school this morning, so I’m hoping she’s kicked the bug and we’ll all go vomit-free for the rest of the vacation.

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to write again. The Physician’s Apprentice has been with me forever and I really, really, want to finish it now. At this point, the second book has been festering in the back of my mind, left alone for way too long. So, in the spare moments between catching up and wiping down Kayla’s forehead, I’ve tried to get my ass in the chair and make the words.

This has been a little more involved than I initially planned, as explained in this post. I’m happy to tell you my new timeline is looking really good in my Excel spreadsheet, and filling it in again feels awesome.

Just as an extra bit of inspiration, my amazing friend Tallulah has finished the cover art and layout for TPA. Folks, this cover is so incredible that I can’t even type about it without smiling. I cannot wait to share it with you!

As for my other projects, they’ve remained untouched. My flash fictions are still incomplete, so I should probably do something about that. I’ll keep you updated.

Since this last bit of art, my paintbrushes have been catching dust too. I hope to have a moment away from the keyboard to paint something, but knowing myself, that’s unlikely. Let’s be honest here, when Obsessive-Yolandie latches on to writing, the rest of the world can be destroyed by a meteor and she wouldn’t notice.

Plus, the parentals have never been in Canada. We’re going to see all the touristy things with them, which lessens keyboard time in any event. I can’t wait to share the photos with you!

As you can tell, even this post is a short one. While I have a moment to work on my novel, I’m going to use it. #amwriting

I hope you have an awesome weekend! See you on Monday.


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