Auroras From Our Deck

Everyone in my house is slightly aurora crazy. Okay, not ‘slightly’.

And last night, the sky basically exploded. We were out there in the cold until well after midnight, totally overwhelmed by dancing ribbons of light.

These were the most vivid auroras we’ve ever experienced. Up until now, we’ve only seen whispers of light on the horizon, but this time was different. We could see flares of red and the sky literally pulsed.

But the problem with aurora chasing (if you could call it chasing from our backyard) is that you want more. Every little taste just drives the need to see these lights again and again and again. I can totally understand how folks can jump in their cars and drive for hours in the dark to catch a glimpse.

So anyway, I’m interrupting the post schedule to share these pics with you. Sorry for the slight blur, the night photography mode on my phone isn’t all that great. But you’ll still get the general idea. 😁

Thanks for reading!



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