Reconnecting Creativity

Okay guys, it’s time to get real here.

If you’ve been around the blog, you’ll have read all about my struggle with writer’s block and the burnout that caused it. I’ve tried to be as honest as possible about both things (without sacrificing my personal space) because I feel like I have the platform to help other authors not feel alone in their struggles, and I intend to use this little soapbox. We all deserve to feel seen, you know?

Anyway, I’m still going on this healing journey and I’ve realised creativity is such a part of who I am that I can’t just toss it aside because I’m depressed.

So, last October, I learned how to crochet and make stuff with polymer clay. The polymer clay thing has evolved into a little side hustle, Foxie and the Moon, where I sell handcrafted jewellery. And you know what? Creating stuff has been filling my well, enough that I actually find myself thinking about my characters and stories again. This is a big thing because I was honestly starting to believe I’d never find my way back to Fall of the Mantle.

I mean, as a point of fact, I’m writing this blog post.

And friends, I miss writing. I miss the music my keyboard makes when I’m in the zone. I miss the rush of joy courtesy of some snappy dialogue between my characters. I miss the editing, the typesetting, and the week-long high of publishing a book. So, I’m going to do whatever I can to reclaim that part of me.

That will require the old creative well to be full. So, for the next while, I’m going to try out various hobbies and art forms. And I’m also going to blog about them, share patterns and ideas, and do some tutorials, so you can create stuff with me. Hopefully, by the end of this experiment, we’ll all be inspired and spreading joy in the world with what we’ve created. After all we’ve been through these last few years, we deserve it.

Meanwhile, I’m also going to share some of the podcast scripts I wrote for Patreon as blog posts here. I want to get back into the habit of posting weekly, and I think it might be easier to do that if I have some posts prepared for days when I’m not sure what to write about.

So yeah, we have a plan. Let’s see if we can get our mojo back, shall we?



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