Chalk Fun Day

I’m in that weird ‘just finished a book’ phase of the writing cycle. During this time, I struggle to focus on anything for long periods of time and my mind constantly wanders. I reckon it’s because so much of my brain capacity is allocated to storylines and keeping the plot together while I’m writing. My thoughts are on a short leash, if that makes sense. So, once I stop writing, it’s like the collar comes off and the thoughts can go wherever the hell they want.

Which is great, except the work doesn’t stop because the thoughts have gone a’wandering.

One of my default focus-sharpening tools is art. I know this is weird, but I don’t make art to relax. It’s quite the opposite, really. My artist friends don’t understand this way of thinking, but maybe it’s because art is my main source of income and has always been a part of my therapy routine, so I associate it with work and mental exercises instead of relaxation. (On that note, I am currently accepting commissions. Check out this doc for details.)

Anyway, needing to focus is one of the reasons I spent some time outside with the family, decorating our sidewalk. It was just a chill weekday afternoon of togetherness in the sun. One ice cream and loads of Vitamin D later, and my brain was ready to function again.

Don’t you just love my husband’s smiling cupcake? Also, the kidlet is now an expert dinosaur drawer.

Have a good one, folks.



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