A Summary

I feel like this is the first time this week I’ve sat down and attempted to actually get my ducks in a row. At this stage, they’re all over, running and quacking and pooping wherever they want. It’s chaos. Feathers everywhere. Please send help and or coffee.

A lot has been happening. I’ve been revamping many book-related projects, the first of which is the world map of Ehrdia. If you hover the mouse over the map, a segment will zoom in. I’m currently working on completing the lower half of the map, and will let you know once that is available.

Also, I might end up uploading city maps in the future, so watch this space.

Then, I plan to update the art I’ve made of Fall of the Mantle characters. I have so many ideas, it’s just finding the time to actually make things happen. I also want to rework the free mini colouring book, and maybe add some drawings of the Mantle or Roicester’s skyline. Let me know what you’d like to see and I’ll get on it.

Of course, my patrons will receive exclusive colouring pages and blog posts about this entire process. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this here, but I’ve been adding more writing-related content to my Patreon tiers. In the first month, my patrons got to read one of the original chapters of The Physician’s Apprentice (which is the book that eventually became A Study of Ash & Smoke). In the second month, I shared some exclusive bookish news, sneak peeks, and a snippet from my current WIP, in which patrons got to meet Sanshouo Katsuro, the son of the emperor.

I’m planning a podcast about writing stuff for my patrons. So, if you’re into Fall of the Mantle and would like receiving all kinds of behind the scenes extras while also supporting upcoming novels, please consider joining my Patreon family. Every dollar helps keep my writing dream alive and bring you properly polished novels.

Speaking of the WIP, if all goes according to plan, I’ll finish A Curse of Venom & Scales within the month. I’m currently working on Chapter 61, but I reckon there should be between 66 and 70 total. The beta readers are hard at work on the first half of the book, and so far, the feedback has been awesome. I’m really excited to share this one with you, folks. It’s been one hell of a journey.

Meanwhile, I’ve added printable sticker sheets to my store, and am working on printable bookmarks, too. Please have a look!

But okay. The main reason I’m writing this blog post is because I’m supposed to week until next week to tell you this, but I can’t help myself. Here’s a teaser.

Exciting, right?

I know I’m forgetting something I’m supposed to mention here, but that duck has flown away. Curses.

Have a good weekend!



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