My First Buddy-Write Session

I mean, not my first. I’ve written in sprints and have had accountability partners before, but this was the first time I wrote during a zoom sesh.

My partner was the ever-fabulous J.R. Rainville, one of my fellow Skolion members, who remains one of the greatest sources of encouragement and support during my writing (and personal) life. I’ve known and social media stalked her forever, but this buddy write was also the first time we met face to face. I don’t know how these things are allowed to happen (hello, social anxiety!) but I’m so glad we took this first step.

This is how it went down.

  • Though I was really excited to meet her, I was also nervous. Remember that social anxiety? Yeah, it kicked in.
  • When I get anxious, my English is the first thing to go, then facts about my life (I once forgot the name of the town where I lived, for example), then facts in general. 🤣 Basically, I turn into a nonsensical blob. Jenny was too sweet to comment on it, but I forgot the name of the Chant of Light, for crying out loud. Me. I mean, I live and breathe Dragon Age!! Alas, this is how these things go.
  • On an unrelated note, this forgetting how to English is a bigger problem than ever, as my Afrikaans has been deteriorating rapidly. These days, when I forget a language, I don’t have anything to fall back on except rudimentary German and French swear words.
  • Anyway, back to the buddy write. Despite the anxiety, I never experienced the meeting as awkward. We wrote, chatted, and laughed, and encouraged each other until it all felt really natural.
  • It’s easy for me to grow despondent while I’m writing on my own, but the knowledge that I was working with someone who has to deal with the same concerns and shit as me helped keep up my spirits. We really are in this together.
  • I usually write with music, but the sound of her (softly) typing became its own kind of music, and I found myself working to the rhythm. For me, it was a really productive session.
  • I was reminded again that I’m surrounded by some of the most incredible, talented, and loving creative souls out there. My writer friends are spread throughout the world. Most of us have never met in person, but we talk almost daily, cheer each other on, and celebrate each other’s successes (and drown our sorrows in cake when one of us fails). A global sisterhood of crown-straighteners. To have this network of support honestly blows my mind.
  • Thanks for being an epic person, Jenny! I really loved getting to know you in person and writing with you!
  • I can’t wait to do this again.



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