My Week as a List

  • And so begins the season of sludge.
  • It’s no fun to see photos of babies in hospitals. (Get well soon, Joshua!)
  • My kid gives the best hugs.
  • Yay, a new patron!
  • Clients who settle their accounts immediately are unicorns, and must be celebrated and protected at all times.
  • My new glasses are so much comfier than the old ones.
  • Parks & Recreation is good, but I don’t love it as much as The Office. Though I adore Amy Poehler.
  • Editors are important.
  • Actually taking the advice your editor gives you is even more important.
  • Carrot cake is my happy place. Also chocolate. And coffee. Ooh, and snuggly socks, baggy sweaters, and blankets fresh from the dryer.
  • I thrive with lists.
  • Except if I can’t finish everything on the list, in which case I kind of flail around and freak out. Too much of that for a Wednesday.
  • My books are on sale. A Study of Ash & Smoke here and A Trial of Sparks & Kindling here. This sale ends Saturday, 27 Feb 2021.
  • We’re on season 3 of The Great Canadian Baking Show, which means this is basically a Dan Levy appreciation post. The show isn’t the same without him.
  • Reading this book, Stop Worrying; Start Selling: The Introvert Author’s Guide To Marketing, by Sarah Painter. I finally feel a writing guru gets me.
  • Lucas Bravo from Emily in Paris is basically Pointy. Just make him blonder and et voila.
  • My drawing tablet is caught in a login sequence. I can’t access my files or get past the Windows icon, which is apparently an issue for many users, but it sucks for someone who is just starting to build an art business and must now draw with a mouse until the tablet is fixed. Blegh.
  • If I can’t get the tablet to work it’ll have to be sent in for an exchange. Which means I lose all the files on the device, including a half-done painting of Arwen from LOTR, AND the video recordings of me drawing her.
  • Anxiety.
  • Snow incoming this weekend.
  • Podcasting is a new and strange reality, but I think it might be lots of fun once I figure it out.

Have a good weekend, folks.



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A Study of Ash & Smoke
A Trial of Sparks & Kindling


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