While I was Away

While I was Away

This post is basically a collection of random photos. I took some with my Instagram account in mind, but most are just spur of the moment, hey-look-a-shiny! pics. Did they make it to Instagram? Nope. Still, this is a pretty good collage of my quiet, uneventful lockdown life, and I figure I should document it lest I forget.

Some of these shots are all the way back from October, so brace the seasons with me, relive Thanksgiving and Halloween, then check out my Christmas table and the puzzles we built during the holidays.

Just a side note here, the pink clouds in the featured photo at the top of this post were a part of a spectacular sunrise. The best part? I didn’t edit it at all, except to resize it for use on the blog. The colours are as shot on my phone. How incredible is that?

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