Tales from Self-Isolation

Honestly, as someone who spends the greater part of her day typing away in the basement and avoids going out as far as possible, this isn’t much different than business as usual for me. Sure, my kid isn’t going to school, so I can now get up at odd hours to write and pass out on the couch when I get too tired to focus, but this new routine is close to my normal.

Still, I know how distressing a broken routine can be. So my thoughts are with everyone who suddenly finds themselves stuck at home all day, some even without an income. I’m also thinking of all the healthcare workers out there, all the teachers without classes to teach, and everyone who’s feeling anxious about this thing.

Here’s what we’ve been up to.

I caught up on The Blacklist. Only season 6, I haven’t seen any of season 7, but I AM EXCITE. Believe me when I say I was worried there for a minute, and could see how I’d stop watching if certain things turned out in a certain way. But peeps, everything worked out in the end, and holy crap, this show is amazing.

I’m up to 34k words and 15 chapters of Book 3, ACOVAS. Alpha feedback has been great, and I think this is going to be one hell of a ride. Also, I apologise in advance for what I’m doing to these characters.

I’m obsessed with Dear Happy, by Gabrielle Aplin. I came across this amazing singer on YouTube a few years back, and so many of her songs have inspired me. My Mistake is incredible too, and another song I near constantly have on repeat. Also, Salvation, Stay, Alive, and Magic. She’s seriously becoming one of those artists I can listen to all day.

And that’s about all for now. I have a book to write (this, by the way, is quickly turning into my new outro). 🙂



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