New Year’s Eve 2019

We entered 2020 in one of the most beautiful places in the world–right at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Banff. Can you say incredible vistas, the freshest air, and fabulous company?

For us, this little trip was brimming with new experiences. We got to stay at the Rimrock hotel with friends, and we went up to the Banff hot springs for the first time. For a bunch of South Africans, the idea of sitting in a bathing suit in -1 degrees C, hot spring or not, is the weirdest thing ever. It’s just not done.

Still, it was such a stress reliever.

We had a delicious buffet dinner at the hotel, and Kayla stayed up until midnight for the first time. It was wonderful to cuddle with her into the New Year.

One the first of January, we explored Banff before we finally went home. Hey, I even have a few photos.

Honestly, we had the best time ever. We’re so thankful to have been blessed with this experience.

And I know I’ve said this everywhere by now, but I truly do wish 2020 will be a good year for us all. A year filled with precious small moments, with big dreams, with warm smiles.

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