Vacation Pics (Part One)

Aren’t you proud that we managed to take some photos on this last visit to South Africa. You know, amid the chaos that was this last visit to South Africa. 🙂

We managed to do a total of one touristy thing, the pics of which I’ll share with you next week.

Brace yourselves for lots of family photos. We didn’t get to see all the family, which just makes me sad, but those we did see were happy to smile for photos. Next time, people. We want to hug all of you.

This trip was different than others, since I had to think like a tourist and take some pics of things you don’t see in Canada. Random vendors on the sidewalks, electric fences around houses, people carrying goods on their heads. I didn’t include all of these in this post, but now you have some background if you spot one. 🙂

My father in-law’s vegetable garden was a source of great entertainment for Kayla. She got to pick her own fruit and harvest vegetables that we ate with dinner. Fun times.

In other news, my kid lost her first tooth. She was playing with it when Cupcake the dog started barking at someting. Kayla had such a big fright that the ripped the loose tooth from her mouth and… Well. All the drama ensued. She was super self-conscious about it for about a week, but has finally made peace with it.

Of course, the tooth next to the one she lost is loose too, but she seems excited about it. At least for now. Who can tell what will happen when that one comes out? 😛

My dad has been getting into sublimation printing, so we played around with prints on clothes and other surfaces. I got to create two of my own designs to print. One is a bag that says ‘she uses words to make magic,’ and the other is a canvas with the words ‘we lose ourselves in books, but find ourselves there too.’ This canvas isn’t done yet, I’m planning to add a smattering of rose gold here and there, but I’m so excited about the end result. We’ll model the t-shirts for you at some stage.

Anyway, photos or it didn’t happen.

And that’s it from me for today. Thank you for dropping in!


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