Leaving on a Jetplane

This is really just a quick note to say I’ll be MIA for the next few weeks. In other words, some cobwebs might gather around the blog, my newsletter, and my social media platforms, as I probably won’t make an appearance on any of these in the near future. Except maybe the odd story on Instagram, but we’ll see.

Why? Well, we’re on our way to an unplanned work-holiday in South Africa, where we have to do lots of fun things like passport renewals and other exhilarating activities involving government buildings and/or banks. Yayness.

We’d planned to take this holiday next year, when we would’ve been able to stay longer and have more fun amid the admin–I mean, we haven’t seen our people in two years–but life doesn’t always work out as we’d like. Adulthood, unfortunately, can be sucky sometimes.

I was planning on writing some buffer posts to schedule for when we’re away, but again, life happened. I had some proofreading obligations to complete, the first round of edits for A Trial of Sparks & Kindling arrived in my inbox, and of course, there’s a lot of preparation for our trip. So, I didn’t get around to those buffer posts.

In fact, I’d planned to complete the revisions for ATOSAK before we left, but I don’t think that’s a reachable goal. A fact that’s driving me insane, but there you go.

So, once we’re back, I’ll pick up all the reigns I’ve dropped, and everything should be business as usual. I’ve never made the flight from Canada to Africa or vice versa, so I have no idea what to expect in terms of jetlag. I might be up and running within a day or two, or it might take a week. I guess we’ll find out at the end of this, eh?

Anyway, all of this was to say I’m off, and we’ll catch up once I’m back. I’m hoping to return with a tan, if nothing else. Hell, I’ll wear my bathing suit to those government buildings if I have to, but one way or another, I’m catching some sun. And hopefully, I’ll have the odd vacation pic to share with you on the other side.

Have a good one, folks.



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