Exploring Lake Minnewanka

As with most of the well-known tourist spots, we’ve visited Lake Minnewanka before. Just a quick stop, though, as the sheer mass of tourists kept us from exploring the area last time we were there.

This time, no such thing happened. We drove mountain-side last weekend, stopped at Minnewanka, and could finally see what the fuss is about.

We walked along the lake, then took a short hike up to Stewart Canyon.

This place is mesmerising, folks. But I guess you already knew I was going to say that, considering the general theme of my mountain exploration posts.

We were also lucky enough to come across a squirrel that just wanted to pose, and could walk in the quiet calm of a mossy forest.

Many of my favourite places on earth are in forested areas. There’s this feeling of absolute wonder when you look up at the sun glimmering through the treetops, and can make sense of the noise in your head amid the deep musty quiet caught between the trunks.

There’s a magic about the way the moss gives way beneath your feet, then springs back into place as if you were never there. That earthy smell and the way the wind makes music of creaking boughs and falling leaves.

Before I write a sonnet about forests, however, let me get back to the post at hand. 🙂 Have a look at the photos.

And on that stunning note, I’m going to run off to read Nerine Dorman’s new book, The Company of Birds. I was lucky enough to get a review copy of this one. I’m over the moon. You folks all know by now how much I admire sensei’s writing! The book releases on the 11th of October 2019, so pre-order yours now. This is in no way sponsored or anything, I just sincerely love Nerine’s work, and it’s such an honour having her as my editor that I feel like the world needs to know about her.

Until next time.



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