Ideas For Writers of Instagram

I’ve been trying to up my Instagram game. I stumbled into the whole thing because the Dragon Writers group on Facebook ran an Insta challenge back in January, and my good friend Tallulah encouraged me to keep going when the challenge ended.

So, since January, I’ve tried my hand at Bookstagram. I really enjoy taking photos, especially flat lays, and have even blogged about the stuff I use to get my Instagram photos into the world.

I often feel I don’t have enough books to justify being on Bookstagram, though. Some of my bookish friends feel the same way, and have asked their followers if they mind seeing the same books repeatedly in someone’s feed. The answer is always a huge no, but still. You can’t help but feel like you’re lacking something if you photograph LOTR for the fourth time.

Also, I’m an author and an artist. I really want to be able to share some things that don’t necessarily fall into the Bookstagram world, but I’ve found it difficult to get inspired about posting author-related stuff. Especially since I’m a nobody with only a single book to her name. Which reminds me, it’s time for a shameless plug. A Study of Ash & Smoke, now available in paperback and ebook!

This brings me to today’s post. I’ve scoured the internet and wracked my brain, and have come up with a list of prompts for people like me–authors who want to post stuff on Instagram, but don’t always know what to post about.

Some of the items on the list are my own ideas, but I didn’t come up with them all. I found a lot of good ideas on old monthly challenges for authors, like the Fantasy February challenge, or Author Life Month lists.

You could probably use some of these even if you’re not an author, so this might inspire any Instagrammer out there. Also, if you’d like to add any of your own ideas to the list, feel free to post them in the comments and I’ll update the list as time goes by.


  • Introduce yourself–your author photo and a bio.
  • Is your main character an introvert or extrovert?
  • Your favourite stories inspired by myths or legends.
  • Myths or legends that inspired your stories.
  • Could your main character be a villain in different circumstances?
  • What you love about your villain.
  • Your main character’s happy place.
  • Your character’s hobby–other than saving the world, of course.
  • What does your main character always carry with them?
  • Your main character’s beloved food.
  • Follow Friday–a shoutout to Insta friends who have great feeds.
  • Your favourite read of the month.
  • A fabulous reread.
  • Inspirational authors.
  • Your last 5-star read.
  • The review of one of your books that makes you squee.
  • Where you work.
  • Where you relax.
  • Your dedication page.
  • Your acknowledgements.
  • A bucket list item.
  • A completed bucket list item.
  • Your bookish bucket list.
  • Your favourite book outside your genre.
  • Your signature or handwriting.
  • An outfit of the day photographed with your favourite book.
  • A silly selfie.
  • Writing fuel.
  • Shoutout to your author friends.
  • Flat lay on a white background.
  • Retake one of your old Insta photos.
  • A shelved manuscript.
  • Your favourite bookish possession.
  • Your biggest fan.
  • Your biggest distraction.
  • A monthly roundup of your blog activity/favourite reads.
  • A non-bookish hobby.
  • The book that made you cry.
  • The character that almost was (a killed darling).
  • The character you killed but still mourn.
  • Books by colour.
  • Answer a question.
  • A bookish confession.
  • I don’t get the hype–the book everyone loves but you don’t like/don’t want to read.
  • Favourite chapter headings (in your books or others).
  • Underrated books or authors.
  • Books photographed with a notebook.
  • Pages of your brainstorming or planning.
  • Auto-buy authors.
  • Your favourite standalone novel.
  • Page 18 of your current WIP, a book you wrote, or a book you’re reading.
  • Book plus movie/Book vs movie.
  • Your favourite ship in your current WIP, or a book you wrote/are reading.
  • The character you love to hate.
  • I saw that coming–something you predicted would happen and it did, or something a reader of one of your books predicted correctly.
  • A bookish pet peeve.
  • Something you planned to write, but changed or cut.
  • The ship that sank–a couple you planned to bring together, but decided against for whatever reason.
  • I changed my review–you reread the book, or rethought your initial review.
  • I did not finish.
  • SS Alternative–if the main character didn’t end up with their intended ship, this character would be my second choice.
  • Side characters I adore.
  • And that’s how I got there–an explanation of the thought process that led you to a specific choice in the story.
  • The book a friend loved, but I hate (or the other way around).
  • The friend who recommends the best books.
  • Bookish sacrilege.
  • Your favourite saying.
  • What you use as bookmarks.
  • Where you take your Insta pics.
  • Your Insta props.
  • Your favourite book about writing.
  • Your favourite book about language/grammar.

Hashtag Prompts

  • #1linewed–one line from your book/work in progress, shared on Wednesdays.
  • #teatuesday–photos of books, works in progress, hobbies, etc, photographed with a cup of tea.
  • #mugmonday–photos of books, WIP’s, hobbies, etc, photographed with a cool mug. You could also photograph only the mug.
  • #stacksaturday–photos of stacked books.
  • #socksunday–photos of books photographed with cool socks, usually socks you’re actually wearing in the photo.
  • #shelfie–a photo taken of your bookshelves.
  • #mapmonday–share a photo of the map in a book.
  • #harrypottersaturday–you guessed it, photos of HP books/merch posted on Saturdays.
  • #tolkientuesdays
  • #whereswaldowednesdays
  • #wordsofwisdom–share inspirational quotes.

Yearly Hashtag Prompts

I hope to see you use some of these! If you do, don’t be shy to tag me.

Thanks for stopping by.



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