Royal Alberta Museum

For the first time in forever, we went away for a weekend. Since a blizzard was in the cards for Calgary, we reckoned we’d get the hell away from here, and maybe catch some sun up north.

We have friends and family in St. Paul and Cold Lake, and have been dying to visit them. Meanwhile, the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton has a Viking exhibition running until October 2019, and we weren’t going to miss that. Since it was Jan’s birthday on Saturday, we reckoned all of the above would be a good way to celebrate his life.

So we set out on a road trip on Friday morning.

We had brunch at Phil’s in Red Deer, and ate some of the best pancakes I’ve probably ever had. From there, we continued to Edmonton.

We spent a few hours at the museum, then hung around at the West Edmonton Mall. This mall is big, folks. It has all kinds of attractions like a petting zoo, a penguin and seal show, an indoor water park, and so much more. We’ll definitely return to visit the water park.

We woke up to snow on Saturday, but Edmonton experienced nothing like what went down in Calgary. As we drove to St. Paul, though, the skies cleared. Bonus.

We spent the day with family, eating good food and playing Fibbage. My cousin collects all kinds of geeky things, and we couldn’t stare at her collection long enough.

On Sunday, our trip to Cold Lake was sunny and gorgeous. Cold Lake is a seriously beautiful place. I took some pics from the marina, but since I had a sick kid on hand, I didn’t take as many photos as I’d have liked. It’s an excuse to go back and take more photos. 🙂

Speaking of photos, here you go.

What would motivate you to hang around at a museum?

Anyway, that’s it from me for today. Have a good one.



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