Book Review – A Court of Frost and Starlight

I was pretty excited to find this one at the library, since I’d read some mixed reviews and didn’t want to buy it until I knew for sure if I liked it or not. Especially not at around $18 a copy.

I’m glad I did that.

This will be a spoiler free review, except where clearly marked.

I’ll even keep the unmarked part vague for our friends who haven’t yet finished the first three books. You’re welcome. When you reach text marked with *** you’ll know you’ve reached the spoiler-containing part.

Hardcore fans will hate me for saying this, but this is a book just for the hardcore fans. Nothing really happens in this one, if we’re being brutally honest. There’s a lot of walking around, buying gifts, and conversations during meals, but not much else.

While it was loads of fun to return to Prythian and catch up with one of my favourite groups of people, I don’t think this book is essential to read in the name of continuity. I’d be willing to bet you could skip this one, pick up where the next book kicks off, and not have missed much.

I’m not saying this is a terrible book, it isn’t. To me, it felt like a window into the mundane part of our heroes’ lives. The run of the mill, after the big finale clean-up. The this is how we deal part that we don’t usually see in books.

In some ways, this glimpse into the boring part of their lives makes these characters even more relatable. They have chores and errands just like we do.

Still, after all the epic stuff that happened in the other books, the mundane of ACOFAS does come across as a letdown.

I completely understand why so many reviewers have mixed feelings about the book, as I’m in the same position right now.

I liked the book, sure. Would I pay $18 for it? Not a chance.

And this is from a person who’s a pretty hardcore fan in her own right. I mean, I paid even more than that for Hard in Hightown, which was ‘written’ by a fictional character.

If I came at this book with anything other than enthusiasm, I’d probably leave disappointed.


The one element I really disliked was how Feyre randomly changed her mind about having babies. It felt a little out of place, especially after she’d said in the last book she’s not there yet.

I don’t feel we’ve been given enough motivation concerning her revised choice, and considering how all they want is to rebuild their world and barter some sort of manageable peace with the other courts and humans, I don’t know that I believe Feyre would want to bring a child into the world. Especially since there’s still so much they haven’t dealt with yet.

Maybe it’s just me.


Basically, my review is this. I liked A Court of Frost and Starlight but didn’t love it, and my bookshelf is fine without a copy of my own. 6/10



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