Peace Bridge Explored

One of the coolest landmarks in Calgary has to be Peace Bridge.

Apparently, the locals have nicknamed this one ‘Finger Trap Bridge’, because it kind of looks like a finger trap. I personally think it resembles a diamond back snake.

Either way, it’s gorgeous.

We haven’t spent that much time exploring Downtown Calgary since we arrived last October, but that’s about to change. Now that Frozen February is finally over, we’re about to find ourselves outside more often.

Downtown Calgary is so different from Downtown Toronto. There was always a bustle in the street in Toronto, always a crowd, but Calgary is quieter. Since the Plus 15 offers walkways above street level, I think there might be more happening up there instead of where we’ve chosen to wander. Will have to check that out.

Anyway, after a walk around Downtown, we headed out for dinner at Diner Deluxe to eat one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. I really loved the retro vibe.

Calgary sure is something, don’t you think? It’s a pretty place, from mountains to city, clean and pure. I’ve never seen an inner city with so little trash about, it’s really strange.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.



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