Snowy Hike

This winter was tough. November through January was lovely, but then February happened. As these things go, it was a record cold February in Calgary–you know, just to welcome its new South African residents. It seems we’ve been breaking records where weather is concerned wherever we’ve moved in the last few years. Remember last year in Toronto?

Anyway, the cold finally broke this weekend. Can you hear choruses of angels singing? It’s like the clouds parted and rays of warm and golden sun beamed down to earth, just like in the movies. 🙂 It was epic.

We celebrated by basking in the warmth and went for a hike. Don’t let the snow fool you, it was lovely outside. I know all of you in South Africa don’t believe me. 😛

How lucky are we to live in this stunningly beautiful part of the world? And the best part is, we don’t even have to travel very far to reach these gorgeous places as there are little pockets of nature everywhere in Calgary, readily available to be explored.

Hope you have a wonderful week, folks.



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