Walking on Water – Lake Louise

You’d think–after everything–we’d pretty much be sick of road trips, but you’d be wrong. Why? Well, mountains. They call to us.

We’ve seen some mountains before, of course. When Kayla was just a wee babe we went to the Drakensberg in South Africa, and we also experienced the glorious Bavarian Alps one December, back when snow was still a novelty. How young we were. 😂

This time, we wanted to experience the Rockies from up close, and specifically check out Lake Louise. We chose to go on a weekday, hoping that would allow us to miss the masses of tourists and travellers that tend to frequent sightseeing hotspots on weekends. This paid off, which was great. I’m not a fan of crowds. Or hiking uphill in the snow from a far away parking spot, for that matter.

Lake Louise was frozen and we got to walk around on the icy surface. What an experience! I didn’t much like it when a group of tourists asked us to take a photo of them jumping, but the ice didn’t shatter as my mind said it would. It was my first time on a frozen lake, okay?

Meanwhile, I’ve developed a very special set of skills. Not the kind that will help me find someone and exact my revenge, but I am able to take a pretty good photo from a vehicle in transit.

I can’t wait to go back.

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