Book Review – The Strange

Now, by this time you know how I feel about this series. I’ve reviewed both The Babylon Eye and The Real, and I’ve been waiting for this book.

The wait has paid off.

You know that feeling when the first book in a series is ALL CAPS FANTASTIC, but the second is just meh and the third was so unfulfilling that it could have been left unwritten? Yeah, that’s not this series.

Masha Du Toit’s writing is tight. Her style is easy to follow and her storytelling is captivating. Each book in this series has been better than the last–not something every author can boast.

Having said that, the writing in The Strange is darker than that in the previous books in the Linked Worlds Series. Not at all in a bad way! The characters have all been through so much that the added grim tone adds a wonderful flavour to the story. Also, considering the hints of unrest between the big corporations from the previous books, this darkness signifies a coming storm. Delicious for any reader.

I was so excited to catch up with our favourite cop and gardag team, Elke and Meisje, and learn what the Maura kids have been up to. We’re also reacquainted with some old characters and introduced to new ones, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to get to know a couple of characters I loved to hate in The Real.

I’m afraid of saying too much and spoiling the plot, but I will say we hit the ground running with a criminal on the loose, and get to see on a small scale what would have happened if certain plans from book 2 had succeeded. If you take into account what I’m writing at the moment, you’ll understand why this had me squeeing like a baby pig in a pool of mud.

Also, if you go by the titles of the books in this series, you know that something huge is about to happen–we’re going off planet. And I mean a little beyond the Babylon Eye, to the actual Strange.

The Strange is everything I imagined and more. From the creatures to the cultures and technologies, everything is out-of-this-world imaginative (see what I did there?😜). The imagery is super vivid and makes the Strange worlds seem all the more real. I’d love to go on about the specifics here, but I can’t risk that without spoiling certain plot-elements, which sucks for me. I’d love to freak out about this novel with fellow fans, so do me a huge favour and get yourself a copy soon, okay?

All else I can say is that I can’t wait for more in this series. There are some unanswered questions at the end of the book–just enough to keep us wanting more. Which is just another testimony to the author’s skill.

I must add that my Kindle doesn’t do it much justice, but the cover is just gorgeous!

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