Photo Catch-Up

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some photos with you, I’ve barely been in front of my computer in the last few weeks. In the name of some semblance of normalcy though, it’s time to fix that.

These pics span from around the middle of October to this past weekend. There’s no real theme to the photos. For once, it’s just random. A stolen moment here and there – unposed, cluttered and real. I’m usually one of those folks who take at least one photo every day, but going through my early November files, I’ve realised I lost almost a week there. We were so busy building furniture and unpacking boxes that our life came to a halt. It’s kind of weird, like we really stepped into our own dimension.

The good news is that every day is a little less rushed. With each item finding a place in a drawer or on a shelf, my anxiety levels drop. The same can be said of every submitted form, every corner of the house freshly cleaned and every day finally feeling more like routine again.

With the moving clutter lessening, it’s on to the new projects. Making art for bare walls is the first priority (and I’ll be taking you along that journey) and second is filling my pitifully empty bookshelf.

But until then, here’s a portal into our recent past, in a parallel dimension.

How cool is my cousin’s beekeeping business? This fresh, delicious honey is about all anyone needs to brighten up their day. Have a look at Back 40 Beekeeping, and please do support them!

Thanks again for your ongoing patience with me. I keep dreading the moment when people start disappearing because of my constantly unavailable state in the last few months, but for some reason, that moment hasn’t come yet. We’re blessed beyond belief with the support network active in our lives. And to all of you hanging around the blog, not yet ready to give up on this insane writer, you’re amazing. Thank you.



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