Let’s Do This

No, this isn’t another of those please-bear-with-me-posts, I really am here to blog to my little heart’s content. Starting today, the schedule is back in action. #FTW

A general update on the Canada side of things – we’re getting there. Most of our stuff has been sorted. Heck, Kayla even started school today. You remember how we struggled to enrol her in kindergarten back in Germany? Yeah, it’s as easy here as it was difficult there. All it took was a few forms. That’s it. She could start the day after we submitted the paperwork. No waiting periods. No jumping through hoops.

So far, the entire move has been a similar experience. From opening bank accounts to applying for our social security numbers or health cover, everything has been simpler and more streamlined here in Canada. I have to be honest that the time we spent with the consultants at the counters were longer than we would have spent in Germany, but that’s because the consultants had so many conversations with us. Small talk. It’s a thing here in the far north.

The people are so friendly that Jan and I still stare at each other open-mouthed every now and then. It must be something in the water, or maybe it’s the cold, but everybody’s extremely friendly and polite, and I love it. No, you don’t understand – I LOVE IT here.

I get that the honeymoon period is still ongoing, but even then, I’ve never felt so at home as I do here.

I guess it has a lot to do with the fact that we can communicate here, but also because we’ve moved into an unfurnished house and had to fill it with our own stuff. We never had that in Germany. There’s a feeling of permanence that lacks when you live in a pre-furnished place. Or at least, that’s how it was for us.

It’s kind of like being on vacation, but for a longer timeframe. Just like being on vacation, you get to a point where you miss your own bed and want to go home. Except, you never get to go home.

Here in Canada, we lived in an Airbnb for a month, then moved to our long-term home. We bought a truckload of furniture and assembled each item ourselves. There’s a sense of accomplishment in building the furniture that is difficult to put into words, but it amplifies the idea of home. Also, we know Ikea’s building plans inside out now. If you ever need someone to help you assemble their products, we’re your tribe.

Sure, a box or two still houses some things that need to find their permanent places in closets, but this is strangely comforting too. We’ve really moved. We’ve really started our new life. We’re really happier here.




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