Boxes and Suitcases

Boxes and suitcases everywhere. This is my current reality. Those boxes we’re not shipping to Canada are full of stuff for charity. It’s a minefield.

The clutter makes me anxious. It’s a combination of excitement and being totally overwhelmed, so every now and then I find myself disengaging to regain some semblance of focus. I do this sometimes. Browse the internet, read a book (and I’m beta reading a FANTASTIC ONE at the moment), or do a watercolour. Or, in today’s reality, write a blog post.

This morning has been insane so far. Laundry and packing and parenting a so-close-to-four-year-old and contending with the clutter. My anxiety levels are in the amber zone. But it’s a special day today, so the angst is tinged with more than usual excitement. Jan’s last day at work. Can you believe it? I know I can’t.

Day Zero is swiftly approaching.

Many people have asked if immigrating for a second time is easier. The answer is yes. And no.

It’s easier because we have less stuff this time. No furniture or car to sell. No sentimental stuff to find new homes for, cover in bubble wrap or get rid of. Those things we really valued were mostly still packed away in boxes or being used here in Germany, so re-packing is simple. We’re not faced with the dreaded ‘take or leave’ decision. At least, not in the same scale as last time.

Getting rid of junk is a little more complicated in a foreign country, but it’s doable. We miss having a car in times like these, when a quick drive to a junkyard would have been infinitely easier than taking the train.

Fewer people to say goodbye to is supposed to make this a little gentler on the heart. Yet, it’s not easy to say goodbye at all, because the few special people we’ve met in Germany are incredibly special. People to take note of. This part will probably always suck.

One major difference between this time and last time is that we haven’t been taking note of the lasts. Except for today, that is. Thinking about it now, we probably spent our last day in Düsseldorf on our anniversary. The event came and went without much excitement. Our last visit to my beloved Essen city centre also came and went, and the sad thing is I don’t even remember when it was. The next time we see a European castle will be when we’re on holiday in Europe. De Haar castle was the last one we visited as residents.

I never got to go to the Rijksmuseum, or the Van Gogh Museum while we lived in Europe. But mark these words, we’ll come back for those.

Meanwhile, Toronto is calling. Loudly. Folks, the things we’re going to see on this new journey. Goosebump-quality stuff. And I can’t wait to share it with you.

I’m probably going to have to rename the German Chronicles to something more Canadian. Please shower me with your ideas.

Have a good one!





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