Duisburg Zoo 2.0

We’ve had precious few sunshine days this past season, so whenever we had even half a chance of catching a ray or two, we were outside. Feeling bolstered by the cloudless day, we hiked to Duisburg Zoo.

We’ve been at the zoo twice before and this is my second blog about it (hence the 2.0). I just couldn’t resist sharing the experience again. There’s even a video this time! As far as zoos go, Duisburg is really worth the trip. We had a blast there, despite the crowds.

And expect crowds – I’ve never visited this zoo without having to elbow my way through throngs of people. IMO, the main reason for all the visitors is the dolphinarium, which in itself is awesome. This zoo also boasts koala and tiger enclosures, among other things.

What sets this zoo apart from its South African counterparts are the open spaces and glass-paned enclosures. You can get up close to the animals to properly see what they’re getting up to. Those zoos I’ve visited in South Africa tend to be much larger than the zoos in Europe, but you’re too far away from the animals to really appreciate their size.

Look, I don’t want to start a moral battle here. I’m personally not convinced zoos are all that great, because these animals should really be roaming the wild somewhere. At the same time, zoos are invaluable in teaching our kids about animals and why they should be cherished and protected. Plus, seeing the joy on Kayla’s face whenever she visits a zoo makes me happy. I know that doesn’t justify it, but it is what it is. (Defensive Yolandie is defensive because the internet is a judgy place.)

Have a look at the photos. 🙂

I’ll also try to make more videos of these trips for you. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! See you again on Wednesday. Have an awesome week,



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