Anniversary Pics

As promised, here’s the bonus Thursday post. 🙂

For the 9th anniversary, we headed to Düsseldorf. This actually happened by accident. The real reason for the trip was to pick up our passports with the brand-spanking-new visas to enter Canada. Both of us had completely forgotten it happened to be our anniversary too. 😛

Since we were already there, we figured a meal would be nice. You know, because it was an event. We conquered the wind and found a cosy restaurant.

Unfortunately, the restaurant sucked. The food was meh and the service was downright horrible. And, for that romantic touch, we picked the place with ongoing renovations. A lovely anniversary dinner to the sound of sawing and crashing. Yay. 😛

We didn’t want to spend longer than we had to, so we went for a stroll after dinner to an outdoor market and to the Rhine. From there, a fabulous little café for dessert. And can I just say it was decadent!

Next anniversary we’ll be adventuring around a brand new city! Looking forward to this new adventure. I love you, husband-dude. Here’s to many more to come.

Have a good one,



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