Visit to Duisburg

Would you believe we’d been living in Germany for almost two years before we went for a stroll in Duisburg (our neighbouring town)? I couldn’t either.

Duisburg is a quiet city with an abundance of fountains in the city centre. Colourful and weird, these fountains create a strange contrast to the ancient buildings in the area. Of course there are some modern buildings too, but the city centre hosts many older structures.

As a whole, Duisburg felt older than some of the other surrounding cities and towns, not because it is, but because the people in the streets seemed older too. While most other cities buzz with activity, Duisburg’s vibe was more chilled out. 🙂

One of the first things we noticed was a golden ladder reaching into the sky from inside the Duisburg Forum (a mall). I don’t understand the symbolism behind the statue, but there it was. The ladder’s foundation is in the lowest level of the mall, from where it extends through two holes in the ceiling into the upper floor and through the roof. Weird stuff. 🙂

We also visited the Salvator Church and the Duisburg Rathaus. The architecture is really gorgeous, so it’s worth the visit if you’re an architecture enthusiast.

Thank you for stopping by! See you again on Wednesday.



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