When Parkruns Rain Out

Well, I’m sure some of the other runners still had their fun, but by the time we reached Düsseldorf, it was coming down in buckets. So much so that my water resistant jacket (and shirt underneath) were drenched and we had to stop to buy something dry and warm to wear.

Jan and Mario would have done one of the weekly parkruns in the city, but both decided they’d give it a skip in the heavy rain. We might give it a try again in a week or two, so you could still see running photos. 🙂

As we had nothing better to do, we went exploring. Indoors.

Some new stations have been added to the Düsseldorf underground this year, and one of them has a mini museum, showing some of the things archaeologists have uncovered in the area. This was our first side-trip.

From there, we visited a Mayersche, a chain of extra large bookstores. We didn’t have bookstores of this size in South Africa, so I still get chills when we can hang around four (or more) floors of books. Of course, most Mayersches have only one shelf of English books. This particular branch has four double-sided English shelves, which left me thoroughly impressed. Also, this store has a slide from the first floor into the basement, where the kids’ books are kept. Super cool.

We had a snack in the Mayersche, then went on to an electronics store, where we hung out for a good while before lunch.

Frango Português is a lovely, warm Portuguese restaurant. The food was great and eating with two Portuguese natives made the experience so much more interesting. We spoke of politics and the history of Portugal and learned a lot. Thanks, Mario and Luis, we had a lovely time. 🙂

You might see some small changes on the website in the next while. I know I’ve been tweaking a lot lately, but I haven’t found a template that I truly love. This means I probably won’t stop fiddling until I’m completely happy with the layout. Please bear with me while this continues. 🙂

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