France Festival 2017 in Düsseldorf

One sunny Sunday, we went to Düsseldorf on a macaron-finding quest. It was France festival, after all, so it would be a likely place to find French sweets, right?


Hundreds of stalls were set up along the River Rhein, with long tables across a narrow walkway, filled with wine and cheese connoisseurs. The brunt of the stalls sold cheese and wine from France, but some also offered crepes, olives and a variety of bread. I counted two pastry stalls, and only one of these sold macarons. Honestly, the ugliest, most unappetising macarons I’ve ever seen.


So, our quest was a bust. 😛 We managed to buy three of the last six macarons at a little cafe on our way back to the station, some ways out of the France festival bustle.

As with anything happening in Düsseldorf, the crowd was ginormous. People wearing berets, red, blue and white stripes and smoking long cigarettes were everywhere, squashed together at the tables, but laughing and enjoying good wine with friends. Music, marching bands and delicious aromas brought the city to life, though Düsseldorf never truly sleeps.

We were surprised to find a mini car show too, with lots of vintage French cars. Unfortunately, we missed the Eiffel Tower replica, but we found it the following weekend at the Düsseldorf Kirmes. Tune in again for that!


That’s it from me for today. Have a good week, folks!



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