Rocket Girl

My apologies for ending another week with a doll repaint, but I’m so excited about her I can’t contain myself. This, by the way, is what it looks like when a writer doesn’t write.

I shared a preview of Kjersti with you last week, but I’ve since finished her. She’s got brand new hair and the outfit is entirely hand-made, except for her shoes, which I customised. I have no idea how many hours went into her face-up and outfit, but I will tell you the total is much more than I’ve spent on any doll. She was supposed to be a quick project, with a tribal outfit.

Instead, she became a steampunk rocketeer.

I was inspired by Kathrine from Dollightful where the outfit was concerned. Katherine makes all her own patterns and sometimes paints her own designs on the clothes. When things don’t go as planned, she MacGyvers her way around the problem. I took my cue from her and got to work.

The corset, rocket pack and utility belt are all my own design, something that took a lot of the above MacGyvering to complete 🙂 Some of the items used were made with clay, others were little bits of stuff I found around the house. We bought Kayla a humongous pack of glow sticks sometime ago, and the base for the rocket pack is one of the connectors that came with that. I’m so excited about some of the ideas I have for the other connectors! But I digress.

I made a pattern from another pair of doll leggings and used spandex to make bottoms for Kjersti. Hand sewing takes oodles of time, but I’m happy with the result!

Lastly, her shoes. Turns out Kjersti’s original shoes fit perfectly with a steampunk theme. I’d customised these shoes before, but stuck with the original colouring. This time, I used browns, gold and bronze to get the right look.

I had some trouble photographing her. Aside from contending with the light again (I really need a nice lighting setup for photography), the rocket pack makes it impossible to put her in a Monster High doll stand, though a fancier stand will definitely hold her. I tried to balance her for some photos, but was too afraid she’d fall and something would break. In the end, I held her in my hand and maneuvered the camera with the other. All in the name of art.







Her hair is permanently fastened to her head and can’t be restyled, but everything she’s wearing is fully removable, though I wouldn’t recommend taking off the corset. Threading that baby is a BIATCH. To take off the rocket pack, the lower arms have to be removed.

She’s a one of a kind doll, I won’t make another like her.

Her price is €60, plus shipping. The doll stand is not included, but she comes with everything else pictured. You know, except my sheet. 😛 If you’re interested in buying her, please drop me a line in the comments or on social media (links at the bottom of the page).

Have an awesome weekend, folks!




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