Saarner Kirmes (Fair)

Saarner Kirmes (Fair)

In the post about those things I love about Germany, I mentioned random fairs popping up at every opportunity. This weekend, we found one of those. 🙂

The Saarner Kirmes set up in our hometown of Mülheim an der Ruhr, on the bank of the River Ruhr (Saarn is a suburb of Mülheim). We wouldn’t even have known of the fair’s existence, had we not went out to lunch. I was in the mood for currywurst, but we couldn’t find a nice place to have that. So, we went in the direction of the river.

By chance, Kayla spotted activity on the far bank. I say chance, but I really mean her fun-radar. That thing is accurate within half a centimetre. 🙂

One of our favourite parks had been transformed into a large fair, with everything from old tractors to candy floss and thrill rides. We had some pretty good currywurst too. I love fair food. 🙂


We had a load of fun! And if that wasn’t enough, we spent Sunday at France Festival in Düsseldorf (more on that next week) and will be returning to Düsseldorf for another fair this coming weekend. We’ll be faired out soon. 🙂

Have a good week, folks!


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