Weekend Recap

I’d call it a Weekend in Pictures post, only I took too few photos for that. I don’t understand how the picture-drought happened, to be honest. We got up to SO MUCH, I just didn’t think to snap the events. Those moments I did shoot fall off the other side of the spectrum.

I have 32 photos of fish. THIRTY. TWO.

On Friday, Kayla and I took a trip to the newly-opened indoor playground at CentrO, then picked up Jan from work. We made a stop for ice cream before we went home. This is also when the fish-viewing took place. You should know by now how Kayla feels about things in ponds.

Saturday equalled shopping for craft supplies and a lot of craft-making took place once we got home – the things rainy days are made of. I even tried my hand at sewing doll clothes again. Many of my attempts failed, I’m still learning how to do this properly, though I’m happy to report that I made some progress in the end.

The finale of Doctor Who basically killed me. I still feel emotional and weepy when I see the posts on Tumblr, where I now live. My admiration for Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez and Pearl Mackie has soared – these people are incredible actors who managed to make a silly, nonsensical show so much more touching. I haven’t felt this way about the Who cast since Tennant’s days, when the madness in the Who-verse could also reduce me to tears. The Christmas Special cannot come soon enough.

Sunday went down in the same way as Saturday. Kayla and Jan baked muffins – which, she informed me, I couldn’t help baking – and they were delicious. After that, the weekly skypes took place, and a lot of Saturday’s unfinished crafts were completed.

I’m looking forward to sharing all of the finished products with you. The plan is to open a shop for the dolls and paintings at some stage, but more on that soon. I want to have a reasonable variety available to sell first.


I love her reaction to the fountain shrinking! She shouted ‘Aw, man!’ at the top of her lungs before she made that face. 🙂


That’s it from me for the day. Hope you have a good one!



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