The June Report

The June Report

My… month in pictures? The monthly recap? As far as alternative titles go, these aren’t the best. Sorry. 🙂

Since I didn’t do a single post with photos from this month, I thought I’d give you an overview today (all my WIP posts were of adventures from past months). I’ve been toying with this recap post idea for a while, since so many of our photos taken in the week are share-worthy, but never get featured because they weren’t taken on weekends.


June. It’s been a busy one, with a lot going on off screen. I’ll share that with you as soon as I can, but at this stage I can only admit that the super-exciting-can’t-tell-you-yet-stuff is the main reason why our weekends have been too boring to photograph.

No, I’m not pregnant.

My novel gained over 30k words, so it’s been a busy month in that regard too. Thank you to everyone who’s been supporting me to get this done, but I’d especially like to take a moment to thank my cousins Shants and Tanja. Your pep talks, advice and willingness to brainstorm, read and discuss new stuff really carried me out of the slump and back into business.

Also, everybody who helped with ideas for the blog. Thank you. I’m inspired again, and working hard to do right by you.

Alrighty. Here’s how the month looks in pictures (spoiler, it’s Kayla-fest. #mummygoggles :P).


Hope you have a good week, folks.



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